Which credit cards do SMEs most recommend?

Business Banking Insight gives you an easy, impartial way to check which business credit cards are the most recommended by business – and how yours stacks up.

A few good reasons to review your business credit card

For many, credit cards are the much-loved silent partner in their business. Cards can often play an important role, including helping to manage cash flow, offering interest-free months and even saving your business money on outgoings like travel insurance and car hire. With hundreds out there, there are three good reasons to see how your business credit card compares: 

1. Firstly, intense competition in today’s business card market is driving a steady stream of new products from both established and challenger banks.
2. Switching to a lower or no-interest deal is likely to save your business a small fortune over time. 
3. Checking is fast and easy. Understanding how yours stacks up takes no more than five minutes.

Reviews from the best people to judge business cards

Business Banking Insight is an independent website that helps small businesses make more informed choices when choosing financial products and services; and find the best small business credit card for you. It shares the results of over 20,000 conversations with UK small businesses – surely the best-qualified people to make recommendations for other small businesses. 

Each is asked about the products they hold – and if they’d recommend their provider. The findings can be found exclusively on this website.

Business Banking Insight is completely free to use and unbiased. It’s the result of a partnership between the Federation of Small Businesses, the British Chambers of Commerce and HM Treasury.

As a result, businesses now have an easy way to validate their current product – or form a shortlist of credit card providers they might be better served switching to.

The credit card search tool for small businesses

Business Banking Insight features unique search engines which will show you which credit cards were most recommended by the 20,000 SMEs surveyed. You can also use filters to view search results tailored to your company size, turnover, sector and even region. In addition you’ll find feedback from SMEs, good, bad and ugly, based on their personal experience of the financial product or service they currently hold. See how your credit card provider compares.


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Compare Business Credit Card

Select an annual turnover to see which bank is best for you.


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