The cost of choosing the wrong financial products

Some banking products will cost your business a great deal more than others. Both in the first year and every year you hold them. Whether it’s an overdraft, a loan, a business credit card or any other product. But with hundreds of providers, where do you start? Business Banking Insight is the online comparison service, fuelled by recommendations from 20,000 SMEs like yours.


Why not take two minutes now to watch the short video below and see how we compare 16 of the most common business banking products. We’re free, independent and offer unique, easy-to-use search engines. What’s to lose? Two minutes today could help save your business thousands this year alone.

You’ll find there’s a search engine for 16 products including loans, asset finance and business current accounts. And results can be personalised to your company size, sector and even where you’re based. Why not take a look now?

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